Welcome to the VTO Community

We are a Chicago area community that networks with both the local and greater communities of real vampires, therianthropes and otherkin. We welcome both the local and the curious stranger.

What We Hope to Accomplish

  • Bring together like-minded individuals in an online/offline environment where they feel they are safe to engage in a number of topics.
  • Become an active entity in local, greater and online communities.
  • Provide a rich resource of information, written by experienced and respected members.

WARNING: This website often includes a nature of discussion that may not be suitable for persons Under the Age of 16 years old. Enter at your own risk.


March 9, 2018 | VTOC is welcoming in a new domain name, vto.community and will be gradually moving to change its’ name to VTO Community to better suit the wide range of visitors and community participants!