Dear Fresh Meat… (Help! I’m New)

Dear newly awakened, n00bs, newbies, fresh-meats, fresh blood, green-ganders, little bats, vamplings, or other name you’d like to be called…

We’ve all been there. New, reading everything you can get your hands on and still being very confused. With all that information coming at you from all sides, it can definitely become overwhelming.

Not knowing what is true or what is a fantastical story to placate you. It is indeed hard, but eventually you will find your bearings. You’ll find others like you. Some can teach you, others may still be new themselves. But first thing you must know: You are not alone. Will it be tough? Yes. Will it be easy? Hell no. But we all go through it… and to help this process along, I’ve gathered up some “Personal Advice” from the members of the community. Know that these come from the heart and you will never be truly alone.

Live, learn and enjoy 🙂

“Be careful and think for yourself. Screen shots [help.]”

“Ignore the [drama] llamas … or laugh at them … just correspond with smart people … the point of being here is not to be cool … but to have others who understand what you are experiencing and how best to cope.”

“Get thick skin. Seek out your own answers, take nothing at face value. Do your research. Seek out advice from those with more experience than you, especially when it comes to blood letting/feeding, but get several opinions. Take everything with a pinch of salt and ultimately, come to your own conclusions.”

“oh everything but do not believe everything you read!!”

“Get a tough skin if you’re going to ask questions, cause you’ll be harassed a lot in a lot of places lol”

“Whenever someone tells you what everyone believes, they’re lying. Whenever they tell you there’s just one way to do something, they’re lying. Get three or four opinions from different places, and then experiment, before you come to any conclusions about pretty much anything.”

“Be willing to research and learn. Stay away from any group wanting your money. Never let anyone tell you they are better than you.

Try to find folks who are genuine and practice safe feeding. Listen with your heart as well as your brain.”

“Ahhh i would say forget everything you thought you knew about this life. Take your journey of discovery with an open mind and heart. Be prepared to learn and accept things you may have thought false.”

“don’t get drawn into conflict, they won’t learn, you won’t gain, and all you will end up doing is wasting time”

Got something to add? Leave a reply! 🙂

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