What Therianthropy Means to Me

By Stumpy

Being a therian was never something that was foreign to me through my young life thus far. My experiences with it go back to when I was a child where I would play and act like an animal for days at a time with my mother begging me to speak english and walk on 2 legs. But the difference between me and a lot of the therians in the community is in the fact that I never felt… different.

In the sense that, as a kid, I always felt right in place with my fellow classmates and friends. I never regarded me playing around and feeling the need to act like a wolf as something that alienated me from everyone else. I just thought it was something that all kids did and thus I never explored or questioned why these things happened to me. Come later down the line, a few coincidental dreams that felt all too real made me start to look online for more about what dreams of being a wolf and hunting in the forest meant. Thus I discovered therianthropy and the community that trails behind it. I just kept reading and reading into it and now, here I am!

But was it what I needed, was it what was right for me?

Therianthropy, for me, has always been a matter of doing what I feel is right on the inside. I have invariably kept to my learned actions and canine attributes throughout my life. I learned how to interact with my world in a different way than most human children learn to, simply put. Learning, more recently, that I was not a part of the larger “Spiritual” side of the therian community really had me behind the eight ball.

But change and adversity is the spice of life, no?

So being a therian changed from me just using a past life as an excuse to not look up anything about my childhood and research, to something that was much more deeply personal to me. It became even more a part of my identity and gave me happiness instead of it just being another mundane part of my daily routine. I started living like myself instead of “like a therian.”

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